Edmonds & Associates Security Consultants, LLC is a full-service security consulting firm. Founded by Kevin Edmonds, Edmonds & Associates offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses protect their valuable assets.

Without a systemic ongoing prevention program, your business will experience recurring risks and losses to crime.  Edmonds & Associates develops proven security programs which reduce these risks in a cost effective manner with minimal effect on productivity and employee morale.  These programs are designed to directly support the goals of key company functions including operations, internal audit, and human resources.

Edmonds & Associates conducts evaluations of existing security programs to ensure physical and personnel resources are effectively utilized and the program meets the needs of the organization while operating within budget guidelines.
In today's environment, any business which does not adequately control its assets risks loss of them through employee pilferage and external theft.  Unfortunately, most losses result from previously unknown or realized weaknesses or warning signs, which can be readily identified by a professional security consultant.

Edmonds & Associates is a security consulting firm that specializes in the planning and design of business and government security programs, systems, and facilities. We understand the full spectrum of the needs of our clients including the necessity to develop reasonable solutions for security vulnerabilities. Your company's needs will be met with professionalism, at a reasonable cost. No matter how small or large your organization is, we can design an effective security program to increase the overall safety of your facility. 

You built it, we protect it.


Edmonds & Associates Security Consultants, has no affiliations, contracts, agreements, or understandings with any persons or firms who sell, distribute, wholesale or manufacture any hardware or software. Our security consultants provide unbiased, quality, professional services for our clientele without regard for special interests.


-  Corporations
-  Supermarkets
-  Schools
-  Healthcare Facilities
-  Retailers
-  Shopping Centers
-  Insurance Companies
-  Legal Profession
-  Small Business Owners
-  Government Facilities
-  Health Care Facilities