Campus Security Vulnerability Assessment Services: Identification of potential security hazards, their likelihood of occurrence, and identification of remedies to the vulnerabilities. These efforts include emergency response plan review, general policy and procedure review, inspections of campus facilities and operations, and interviews with staff, students, and visitors where appropriate.

Vulnerability Assessments: Systematic examination of your systems to identify those critical infrastructures or related components that may be at risk from an attack, and the determination of appropriate remedies that can be implemented to reduce risk.

Executive Protection Program Development: Assist in the development of programs that meet the specific needs of the company, arranging for all aspects of a world-class protection and response plan.

Architectural Design Review: Assist design experts by reviewing plans and specifications as to their effect on physical security, recommending improvements to the physical environment before construction begins.

Electronic Systems Design: Develop recommendations for specific electronic and hardware security systems appropriate for the specific client and application.

Smart System Design: Integrate your company's CCTV system, access control, heating/cooling, lighting and other vital building functions. Many of these functions can be controlled remotely with a smart phone or with computer access.

Emergency Response Plan Development: Assist in the development of complete written policies and procedures for security functions and operations, the foundation for all security operations.

Systems Integration: Review existing operations to determine the level to which the integration of security components can be effectively integrated with each other reasonably.

Site Selection Crime/Vulnerability Analysis For New Developments: Review and analyze conditions at a site in any location, to determine the level of security that is appropriate and reasonable for that location.

Seminars: Programs designed around you and your employees. In addition to presentations to company officers and managers on asset protection, we offer a wide variety of crime prevention and safety awareness programs for your employees.